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WISH you could reliably visualize viral RNA targets?

Live Webcast Date: Sept 17, 2015

Live Webcast Time: 8:00 AM PST, 11:00 AM EST



WISH you could get results like these from your tissue samples?

ViewRNA® Assays

Distinguish single copy differences in DNA copy number

  • Direct from lysate quantitation
  • Simultaneous analysis of up to 77 DNA targets per well
  • Excellent results from any sample including FFPE tissues


for miRNA in situ visualization

  • Single-molecule miRNA/mRNA sensitivity
  • Simultaneously visualize miRNA and mRNA
  • Study miRNA biomarkers in adherent or suspension cells

QuantiGene® Plex

no RNA purification
no cDNA synthesis
no PCR

  • Measure up to 80 RNA targets per well
  • Thousands of panels already made and on the shelf
  • Create a custom panel in 7 days

WISH in situ hybridization

assays were easier to do?

  • Less than 1 hour hands on time
  • Automated assays for RNA ISH
  • ANY gene, ANY tissue

What’s New at Panomics

  • Fully automated RNA ISH Assays - Discover how

  • Visualize miRNA and mRNA in situ - See how

  • Multiplex mRNA and lncRNA in situ hybridization - Learn more

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