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Clinical Applications: Overview


Over the last 10 years, the Panomics Division of Affymetrix (Panomics) has successfully developed products for drug discovery, drug development, and clinical research utilizing branched DNA (bDNA) technology. These products include single and multiplex DNA and RNA detection assays compatible with cells,FFPE tissues, and tissue lysates.. Affymetrix has licensed bDNA from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostic who utilize bDNA in the IVD-approved Versant assays for HCV and HIV viral load testing.


Recently, Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics and Affymetrix expanded their license agreement for bDNA establishing Affymetrix as the exclusive licensee for in situ applications, including use in the development in vitro assays. This expanded license grants Affymetrix rights to develop and sell ViewRNA products for RNA FISH and CISH assays for both research and clinical applications.

ViewRNA technology is being leveraged in multiple exciting ways to expand the utility of RNA CISH and FISH for biomarker discovery and validation.

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