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QuantiGene 2.0 DNA Probe Set Catalog

About the QuantiGene 2.0 DNA Probe Sets

If we don't have your gene of interest, we can easily design your gene and have it delivered in 5-7 working days. There is no additional design or setup fee for By Request probe sets. Please provide gene accession number, species, and symbol or gene sequence and any special design requirements. All of our Probe Sets are 100% guaranteed to perform, or we'll replace them.

We have designed and have inventory of over 20,000 probe sets. These probe sets are in stock and available for immediate delivery. To find out if we have your gene of interest in stock, please use the search tool below.

Species Catalog Number Accession Symbol Contains the Phrase
158 records were found
CRICETULUS GRISEUSB1Hamster replication initiation locus containing an Alu elementM37811DF-10113
HUMANGS00411A DNA fragmentGS00411DA-10111
HUMANPPIBpeptidylprolyl isomerase B (cyclophilin B)NM_000942DA-10118
HUMANprobe2mitochondrial DNA fusionGS00421DA-10117
HUMANfus4977mitochondrial fusion DNA at 4977GS00422DA-10116
HUMANfus3895human mitochondrial DNA fusion at 3895GS00423DA-10115
HPV 11E2E2M14119.1DF-10119
HUMANAPOBapolipoprotein B (including Ag(x) antigen)NM_000384DA-10121
ESCHERICHIA COLI K12neoTn5 fragment encoding neomycin and kanamycin resistance (neo)V00618DF-10120
HUMANCEP17Human alpha satellite from the centromeric region DNA with 16 monomer tandem repeatsM13882DA-10123
JC VIRUSnon-codingnon-coding regionJ02226.3DF-10125
JC VIRUSLargeTlarge t-antigenJ02226.2DF-10126
SUS SCROFAmtCOIISus scrofa mitochondrionAF034253DF-10128
SUS SCROFAbeta-globinSus scrofa beta-globin geneX86791DF-10129
JC VIRUSVP1VP1 capsid proteinJ02226.1DF-10130
HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUSHSV2Herpes simplex virus type 2 (strain HG52)Z86099DF-10133
CAVIA PORCELLUSActbCavia porcellus actin, betaNM_001172909DF-10132