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QuantiGene 2.0 RNA Probe Set Catalog

About the QuantiGene 2.0 RNA Probe Sets

If we don't have your gene of interest, we can easily design your gene and have it delivered in 5-7 working days. There is no additional design or setup fee for By Request probe sets. Please provide gene accession number, species, and symbol or gene sequence and any special design requirements. Probe Sets are 100% guaranteed to perform, or we'll replace them.

We have designed and have in inventory over 20,000 probe sets and these probe sets are in stock and available for immediate delivery. To find out if we have your gene of interest in stock, please use the search tool below.

Species Catalog Number Accession Symbol Contains the Phrase
4023 records were found
HUMANMAP2K6Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 6NM_002758SA-12682
HUMANPSMC3Proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, ATPase, 3NM_002804SA-12728
HUMANPSMD3Proteasome (prosome, macropain) 26S subunit, non-ATPase, 3NM_002809SA-12733
HUMANPTPN11Protein tyrosine phosphatase, non-receptor type 11 (Noonan syndrome 1)NM_002834SA-12757
HUMANRAF1v-raf murine leukimia viral oncogene homolog 1NM_002880SA-12801
HUMANRBBP8Retinoblastoma binding protein 8NM_002894SA-12814
HUMANRGRRetinal G protein coupled receptorNM_002921SA-12839
HUMANRPS6KA1ribosomal protein S6 kinase, 90kDa, polypeptide 1NM_002953SA-12867
HUMANRPS27Aribosomal protein S27aNM_002954SA-12868
HUMANRXRAretinoid X receptor, alphaNM_002957SA-12871
HUMANRYKRYK receptor-like tyrosine kinaseNM_002958SA-12872
HUMANCCL2Chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 2NM_002982SA-12896
HUMANCCL5chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 5NM_002985SA-12899
HUMANHLTFHelicase-like transcription factorNM_003071SA-12977
HUMANSYKspleen tyrosine kinaseNM_003177SA-13076
HUMANTERTtelomerase reverse transcriptaseNM_003219SA-13108
HUMANTGFBR2transforming growth factor, beta receptor II (70/80kDa)NM_003242SA-13122
HUMANTK1thymidine kinase 1, solubleNM_003258SA-13137
HUMANUBE2G2Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2G 2 (UBC7 homolog, yeast)NM_003343SA-13215
HUMANVEGFvascular endothelial growth factorNM_003376SA-13245