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Gene Expression Service: Specifications and Deliverables


The detailed report includes the raw data and analyzed data and normalized data. When each data point is generated with biological or technical replicates, the data is analyzed for the limit of detection (LOD) and signal average, standard deviation, and coefficient of variation (CV) of the replicates. The expression of the target genes are normalized with the selected housekeeping gene (HKG) and expressed as the ratio of target genes to HKG genes. We can also normalize to multiple housekeeping genes by using the geometric mean to normalize the expression of target genes.

Quality Control

The probe sets for our QuantiGene and QuantiGene Plex assays are >99% accurate and undergo through rigorous quality control processes to ensure specificity and robustness. All of the reagents included in the kit also undergo through our quality control processes.

Assay Controls

There are two assay controls used with the QuantiGene 2.0 and QuantiGene Plex 2.0 assays: assay background and housekeeping gene.

Assay background is the signal generated by the assay components in the absence input RNA. The assay background should have low signal to show no probe set non-specific hybridization or cross-reactivity.

A Housekeeping gene is a target gene that is stably expressed under all experimental conditions evaluated. If the sample is in good quality, the housekeeping gene will have signal. An important aspect of a housekeeping gene is its relative abundance. Ideally, housekeeping genes expression levels should be similar to your target genes so that a single sample input results in a linear response for all targets. Signals for housekeeping genes can be used to normalize gene expression data across samples. It is recommended to include one or more housekeeping genes in the design of every Plex Set.

Assay Specifications

Turn-Around Time

Most projects are completed in 20 days or less from the receipt of the sales order, samples, and the authorization form. If you have a critical time constraint, please notify us as we can often meet your need. We will notify you ahead of time for any possible delays in processing your service.