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In situ Gene Expression: Literature and Support


  • Assay Services Available from Affymetrix PDF
  • Luminex Assays From Affymetrix PDF
  • QuantiGene 2.0: Gene Expression without the Limitations PDF
  • QuantiGene FFPE - Formalin Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Tissue Reagent System PDF
  • QuantiGene Blood - Gene Expression Profiling Solutions PDF
  • Biomarker Analysis - Quantitative Gene Expression Directly from Dried Blood Spots PDF

Application Notes

  • Sensitive and Quantitative Measurement of Gene Expression from a Small Amount of Peripheral Whole Blood PDF
  • Accuracy, Precision and Robustness of the QuantiGene Reagent System PDF
  • Using the QuantiGene Reagent to Measure mRNA Levels Directly from Tissue Homogenates PDF
  • Measuring siRNA-Mediated Knockdown of the IL-8 Gene Using the QuantiGene Reagent System PDF
  • Performance of the QuantiGene Reagent System for Predictive Toxicology PDF
  • Validating Microarray Results Using the QuantiGene Reagent System PDF

Example Service Reports

  • Example Gene Expression Service Report PDF

User Manuals

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