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In situ Gene Expression: Specifications and Deliverables


The detailed report includes raw data, analyzed data and normalized data. When each data point is generated with biological or technical replicates, the data is analyzed for the limit of detection (LOD) and signal average, standard deviation and coefficient of variation (CV) of the replicates. The expression of target genes is normalized with the selected housekeeping gene (HKG) and expressed as the ratio of target to HKG. We can also normalize to multiple HKGs by using the geometric mean to normalize the expression of target genes.

Quality Control

We will use well-established QC procedures throughout the project from sample preparation to the completion of formal study. We will use positive controls to assess the assay performance. Specifically, we always measure the parameters below with our well-characterized positive controls:

  • Sensitivity
  • Specificity
  • Accuracy
  • Reproducibility


Detailed QC reports will be provided in the final report. For FFPE samples, QC data obtained from 18S ribosomal DNA and 28S ribosomal RNA tests is provided. If a sample does not pass a recommended QC metric for analysis, you will be contacted promptly to discuss possible solutions. These may include replacing the sample, re-isolating the RNA, excluding the sample from further analysis, or proceeding at-risk.

Turn-Around Time

Most projects are completed in 20 days or less once we have received your purchase order and samples. If you have a critical time requirement, we can often meet your needs.