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Gene Expression: Products Overview

QuantiGene Assays enable direct quantification RNA targets directly from any sample. More than 400 studies have been published using QuantiGene Assays, which are based on the clinically proven branched DNA (bDNA) signal amplification technology used in Siemens’ FDA-approved VERSANT™ assays for HIV and Hepatitis C viral load testing. Each QuantiGene Assay kits contain all reagents necessary for the quantitation of your genes or transcripts of interest. Simply provide the accession number or sequence information for those genes or transcripts and Affymetrix will generate the necessary probe sets to be utilized in each assay kit or choose a probe set form our extensive online catalog.

QuantiGene Assays:

  • Have proven successful across diverse and difficult samples: FFPE (including H&E stained)and fresh frozen tissues, blood, urine, saliva, cultured cells, purified RNAs, and more
  • Offer ultimate specificity by using multiple probes per target and cooperative hybridization
  • Eliminate sample loss and biases associated with RNA purification, cDNA synthesis and PCR amplification
  • Offer high precision and accuracy with tight correlation coefficients (CVs) even at low expression levels

Unparalleled Flexibility in Two Formats:

QuantiGene 2.0 - Sensitivity Compared to RT-PCR

  • Measure 1 miRNA, RNA, or DNA target per well
  • Requires standard laboratory microplate luminometer

Key Applications:

  • Validate microarray results
  • Quantitate siRNA knockdowns
  • Quantitate DNA copy number
  • Quantitate miRNA's
  • Detect translocations and fusion genes

QuantiGene Plex - True Same Well Multiplexing with No Optimization

  • Measure 3-80 RNA targets per well
  • Requires a Luminex® instrument

Key Applications:

  • Gene signature analysis
  • Pathway analysis
  • Biomarker detection in clinical samples