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ViewRNATM ISH Tissue Assay for RNA In Situ Hybridization (RNA CISH/RNA FISH)

Assay Performance Highlights

ViewRNATM ISH Tissue Assay

Sample Type FFPE or fresh frozen tissue sectionsa, fine needle aspiratesb
Species Any
Sensitivity Single RNA copy/cell
Plex Level 2-plex
Assay Format Standard microscope slides
Detection Chromogenic and fluorescent
Automation-compatible Yesc
Instrumentation Brightfield or fluorescence microscope

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Expression of fibronection 1 (FN1) in breast cancer

Expression of FN1 in breast adenocarcinoma - CISH

FFPE adenocarcinoma breast tissue sections were analyzed using ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay. High levels of FN1 mRNA (red) are visible in fibrous tissue (fibroblasts) surrounding the nests of tumor cells. Adenocarcinoma cells show very low expression of FN1. Read More ...

Biomarkers validation using Tissue Microarrays (TMA's)

tissue microarray (TMA) RNA in situ  analysis - CISH/FISH

ViewRNA Assay enables efficient mRNA screening of FFPE tissue samples by using TMAs and in situ hybridization (ISH). The ViewRNA Assay is a unique approach to screening TMAs since it is a 2-color ISH assay with the advantage that housekeeping gene(s) are included in the same section serving both as a positive control for target gene(s) and as a control for the quality of the RNA in the FFPE sample while saving precious tissue biopsies. Read More ...

Expression of KLK3 in prostate cancer

tissue microarray (TMA) RNA in situ  analysis - CISH/FISH

FFPE tissue sections from prostate cancer tumor and normal tissues were analyzed in the same day using ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay. KLK3 (red) prostate specific antigen is a reliable screening biomarker of prostate cancer. KLK3 is highly expressed in prostate cancer and has normal expression levels in normal prostate tissue. The housekeeping gene (brightfield [blue] and fluorescence [green]) has the same expression levels in both samples. Read More ...

Selected Publications

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