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ViewRNATM ISH Tissue Assay for RNA In Situ Hybridization (RNA CISH/RNA FISH)

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Kit—2-plex:

Required components, each sold separately:

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Kit24 assaysQVT0012
ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Kit96 assaysQVT0013


ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Kit—1-plex:

Required components, each sold separately:

  • ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Kit (1-plex)
  • ViewRNA ISH Tissue Chromogenic Signal Amplification Kit (1-plex)
  • ViewRNA Probe Sets (TYPE 1 ONLY)


ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Kit24 assaysQVT0050
ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Kit96 assaysQVT0051
ViewRNA Chromogenic Signal Amplification Kit24 assaysQVT0200
ViewRNA Chromogenic Signal Amplification Kit96 assaysQVT0201


ViewRNA Probe Sets:

IMPORTANT The ViewRNA ISH Tissue 2-plex Assays utilize only the TYPE 1 and TYPE 6 probe sets.
IMPORTANT The ViewRNA ISH Tissue 1-plex Assays utilize only the TYPE 1 probe sets.

For a complete list of all available ViewRNA Probe Sets see our On-Line ViewRNA Probe Set Catalog.

New (By Request) target specific probe sets can be designed and synthesized at no additional cost. Please allow 1 week for delivery of a new ViewRNA Probe Set.


ViewRNA TYPE 1 Probe Set0.44 mLaVX1-99999-01
ViewRNA TYPE 1 Probe Set1.44 mLbVX1-99999-02
ViewRNA TYPE 1 Probe Set7.2 mLcVX1-99999-03
ViewRNA TYPE 1 Probe Set14.4 mLdVX1-99999-04
ViewRNA TYPE 6 Probe Set0.44 mLaVX6-99999-01
ViewRNA TYPE 6 Probe Set1.44 mLbVX6-99999-02
ViewRNA TYPE 6 Probe Set7.2 mLcVX6-99999-03
ViewRNA TYPE 6 Probe Set14.4 mLdVX6-99999-04

a Sufficient for 44 assays
b Sufficient for 140 assays
c Sufficient for 720 assays
d Sufficient for 1,414 assays

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay - Accessory Items:

Additional accessories that may be required to perform the assay. Refer to the Required Reagents, Materials, and Equipment Document for more information. PDF

Hydrophobic Barrier Pen*eachQVC0500
Tissue-Tek Staining Dish (Clear)*eachQVC0502
Tissue-Tek Slide Rack*eachQVC0503
Rectangular Cover Glass*15 eachQVC0506

* Part of ViewRNA ISH Cell Accessory Kit

ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Individual Components:

Additional Components sold seperately.

10X PBS42 mLQVC0508
100X Pretreatment Solution21 mLQVT0500
Wash Buffer Components (1 and 2)24 assaysQVT0502
Wash Buffer Components (1 and 2)96 assaysQVT0503
Fast Red Substrate (41 mL Naphthol Buffer + 8 Fast Red Tablets)96 assaysQVT0505
Fast Blue Substrate (20 mL Blue Buffer + 420 uL each Blue Reagent 1-3)24 assaysQVT0506
Fast Blue Substrate (40 mL Blue Buffer + 840 uL each Blue Reagent 1-3)96 assaysQVT0507
AP Enhancer Solution10 mLQVT0508
AP Enhancer Solution40 mLQVT0509
Probe Set Diluent QT12 mLQVT0510
Probe Set Diluent QT43 mLQVT0511
Protease QF180 uLQVT0512
Protease QF500 uLQVT0515
Lable Probe Diluent QF24 mLQVT0513
Label Probe Diluent QF86 mLQVT0514
AP Stop QT10 mLQVT0517
AP Stop QT40 mLQVT0518
ViewRNA ISH Tissue Positive Control Kit (1-plex)kitQVT0519
ViewRNA ISH Tissue Positive Control Kit (2-plex)kitQVT0516


ViewRNA Temperature Validation Kit:

The View Temperature Validation Kit uses a calibrated digital thermometer to assess temperature accuracy. This kit may be used for any ViewRNA Assay to evaluate the temperature of incubators or ThermoBrite systems.

View Temperature Validation KiteachQV0523


Horizontal Air Flow Ovens from Affymetrix:

  • Recommended oven for QuantiGene assays
  • Provides optimal temperature uniformity and recovery without overshoot
  • Easy-to-read LED displays temperature
  • Stainless steel interior and shelves
  • Three Sizes - 1.6, 3.0 or 5.0 cu. ft., 110V or 220V
  • CE Approved

Horizontal Air Flow - How it Works Read More ...

Specifications Read More ...

Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 120V1.6 cu. ft.QS0704
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 120V3 cu. ft.QS0700
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 120V5 cu. ft.QS0701
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 220V1.6 cu. ft.QS0712
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 220V3 cu. ft.QS0710
Horizontal Air Flow Oven, 220V5 cu. ft.QS0711
Extra Shelf, 3 cu. ft. oveneachQS0702
Extra Shelf, 5 cu. ft. oveneachQS0703


Little Dipper® Processor for Affymetrix:

Key steps in the ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay can be automated using the Little Dipper Processor for Affymetrix, from SciGene. The instrument accurately controls temperature, wash time and agitation for: deparaffinization, pretreatement, post-hybridization washing and counterstaining. Automating the steps with the Little Dipper Processor reduces hands-on time and assay variability.

Batches of up to 12 slides are processed following an optimized procedure provided in one of two technical notes:

  • Performing the ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Using Little Dipper Processor, Dry Oven and a Humidified Incubator RevB PDF
  • Performing the ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay Using Little Dipper Processor and ThermoBrite Incubator RevB PDF

    • Automates four steps for the ViewRNA ISH Assay
    • Produces clean slides with low, uniform backgrounds
    • “Load and go” walk-away automation

    For additional information, please visit the Little Dipper Product page.