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ViewRNA® ISH Tissue Assay for RNA In Situ Hybridization (RNA CISH/RNA FISH)

WISH you could get results like

these from your samples?

ViewRNA Assays are not just kits for RNA in situ hybridization (RNA ISH). They are possibly the most powerful and innovative tools you can bring to your pathology work.
  • Visualize ANY gene in ANY tissue
  • No radioactivity
  • No need to make your own probe


With ViewRNA Assays, you can perform RNA in situ hybridization assays on your
samples and obtain results in as little as one day.

Reliable, reproducible results for RNA IHS are now at your fingertips.



A full menu of assays.

A fraction of the cost.

We offer a full menu of assays, from over 6,000 available assays to custom assays at no additional cost, all shipping within a week. Leveraging over 23 years of RNA bioinformatics expertise, Affymetrix is the leader in designing and manufacturing the most sensitive assays for RNA in situ visualization.

Our assays


Powerful solution.

One assay, trusted answers.

The power of a 2-Plex assay can significantly accelerate your research, add an extra layer of confidence and reduce the number of processed slides. The dual visualization of the target of interest and an internal control on the same slide will significantly increase the confidence you have in your data.
  • Visualize your target of interest in the red channel.
  • Use ViewRNA Check probe (house keeping gene pool) in the blue channel to: confirm RNA integrity in the tissue section, normalize the target of interest results for better day-to-day and sample-to-sample comparison.

Or you can simply visualize two targets at the same time on the same slide with considerable time and cost savings.



Dog kidney: customer data (targets not disclosed)

Our technology. Single RNA

molecule detection per cell.

The second generation branched-DNA (bDNA) signal amplification and detection delivers up to 8,000 fold signal amplification for ultra-sensitive and highly specific signal. Each signal dot corresponds to one target molecule. To quantify target expression, simply count the dots. If using a 2-Plex assay you can normalize the data to the house keeping control gene.


WISH you could go where

IHC can't?

ViewRNA Assays rely on a completely different technology than immunohistochemistry (IHC); based on nucleic acids rather than proteins, they offer a variety of advantages:
  • No need to develop antibodies
  • Reproducible probe synthesis
  • Custom probes shipped within one week
  • Over 6,000 catalog probes available now
  • Works with many tissues; FFPE, fresh-frozen, tissue microarrays (TMA's) and fine-needle aspirates (FNA's)
  • Works with any species: human, animals, birds, reptiles and plants.
Wnt (red) long non-coding RNA in mouse skin.